Recording SoundFonts in Cubase Artist 6

I was wondering if you kind people could make any suggestions regarding a good VST soundfont player that I could use to record soundfonts (obviously -lol) in Cubase Artist 6. I bought some soundfonts recently @ Digital Sound Factory I asked them first if they would play in Cubase, they said yes and actually gave me a link to download a free soundfont player bs-0. But it doesn’t work. I read that Halion Sonic SE should read them or import them, but my Halion Sonic SE only displays the standard presets and doesn’t allow me to open or import anything else. I like the nuances of real time playing as opposed to creating the melody with the Editor and would very much like to have a VST that would allow me to do that - so any suggestions are more than welcome.
Thanking you in advance

Maybe SFZ+ Professional (it’s free).