recording sounds from my juno DS into cubase

I have a juno DS which I just got and am trying to get few things figured out. I wonder when I add a track what do I choose as an option. It is not an audio track and it is not a MIDI track. I am sure this is step number one. Other info to get the actual sounds recorded appreciated. I doubt it maters but I have a USB directly from my Juno to my computer. I also have a digital audio interface but this should not even come into play since my sound is going directly into my computer. Thanks.

You have a few options here:

  1. Record the audio output from your synth to an audio track (via either the analog outs to your audio interface’s analog inputs or the USB port to you computer)

  2. Record the midi performance (via the midi out port, or the USB port) to a midi track so that you can edit/correct the data, map the data to a different synth, etc. Of course, you can also send the midi data back to the Juno as well.

  3. Both #1 & #2.