Recording start range selection point

This is a question when recording audio.
After selecting start from selection start in start mode in transport,
If you select range selection in the toll box and mark a point on the channel, play will work fine at the point you designated with range selection, no matter where the play cursor is.
In the picture, even if the play cursor is at bar 19, if you put a pointer at bar 7, it will play at bar 7 when you play again.

however. Why doesn’t the recording start at the range selection point I specified?

Are there any settings that need to be done separately?

Other questions similar to mine have been answered in terms of punch in or lock punch point to locators. I know that, but I’m trying to find a way that the producer won’t dislike.


If I understand you right, the playback starts from the Cursor position, but the record starts from the Left Locator position. Am I right?

The Punch In is linked to the Left Locator in your case.

As in photo mode, no matter where the playback cursor stops,
When you play again, it starts playing again from measure 7.
However, when recording, recording is made at the position where the playback cursor stopped.
In the protools, studio one, and ableton live programs used in our studio, playback and recording begins from the part selected by the user.
I don’t know why Cubase is like this. It doesn’t seem to be user-friendly.

It looks like the video below. When it is recorded where it is played,
How convenient is this, but why can’t it be done?


Could you please attach the screenshot of the Transport > Start Mode submenu settings?