Recording Stereo Tracks


Hope this will be an easy one!

I have just set up my system and it apears now to be working OK. However I have just set up a stereo audio track to record some guitar. It has recorded on one side only (left channel), the other side has no sound or image on the track. My imput bus is showing stereo 1 in and stereo output. I am using a CI2+ interface.

Any suggestions?



If you’re recording a mono source, you have to use a mono track and set up a mono input bus in VST connections.

I record all my guitar as a mono signal on a stereo track (i.e. just the left side of the track has audio on it and the right side is blank, just like you describe, I think…) The first insert is the VST amp which outputs a stereo signal. I just think it is easier than routing the mono track to a stereo channel for the stereo effects. It just means I have one less track to manage. There may be a negative side to this but I haven’t noticed it yet.

Still struggling!

I see how a mono signal records as mono, but when I plugged my stage piano in that still records everything mono, also I have noticed that all of my out through the cans is also mono, I have to have the mono button on my interface set to mono because when I switch it to stereo I only get sound out of one ear! so is my system set up right??

The mono button on your interface controls whether inputs are linked, there. You want to set up a Mono input bus in VST Connections, and select that as the input of a Mono audio track. You don’t say how the keyboard is connected to the computer so I can’t comment on that.

Insert a stereo effect like the studio chorus or stereo delay in the channel and see what happens.
Is your piano using a single TRS cable to transmit in stereo? If so and your interface input just uses a TS then you need to split the TRS into two TS cables. Not sure if your audio interface uses TS or TRS inputs.

My piano is linked via a lead running from line out to an imput on my interface. I’m having no bother recording mono, I have both mono and syereo buses set up, but I cannot reord a stereo track on any instrument and as I say, my headphone/speaker mix is also mono???

All this makes me think I’m set up wrong somewhere but no idea where to start looking. The manual only helps if you know what to look for, from what I’ve read so far and what I’ve done, I should be getting a stereo signal back but I’m not, although this could all be down to me not really knowing what I’m doing to start with!


Does your piano output a stereo signal?

Have you tried inserting a stereo effect in the channel?


I’ve told you how to set it up twice. :unamused:

Stereo recording requires connecting two cables to two inputs on your sound card. Are you doing this?

If you want to record a mono source onto a stereo track you need to set up a mono input bus in your VST connections. Mono buses can be recorded onto stereo tracks to get access to stereo efx (but of course not the other way around). If you use a mono source with a stereo bus and a stereo track you will end up with sound in one of the channels only.


Umm. Not quite sure on this one. When we record a mono signal to Cubase it outputs in Stereo on the mixer. It has both LED’s lit up and the pan control works to position the output signal in the stereo field.

Have you set up mono inputs in the VST connections (F4) dialog?

Have you checked the pan control in the mixer is centred? :sunglasses:

Thanks for all your advice, I think I may have a better understanding of what I’m doing now, thanks again!