Recording stereo TRS with UR44 line input in Cubase 12

I have a tapedeck going phono to mini jack to jack to my UR44’s line input. But what next? In Cubase I can only add Mono in 5 (UR44 Input 5) or Stereo in 3 (UR44 Input 5 / 6), not a “Stereo in [n] (UR44 Input 5)”, which is what I’d like.

The manual says the UR44 line inputs handle TRS. I have verified that the cables and tapedeck are working (in stereo), and I can record fine in Audacity using the motherboard’s line-in. Panning the line 5 input in dspMixFx UR44 to centre makes the signal sound mono when previewing it in there.

What am I missing here?

TRS isn’t necessarily stereo. It’s just a plug type.

You need a cable with TRS on one end and 2 TS on the other.

From a quick glance, the UR44 inputs are mono. TRS probably refers to balanced connections, not to stereo ones. So to record in stereo, you will need to connect both line inputs 5/6 and then use them as “Stereo in” in Cubase. Depending on the tapedeck that might require some adapters.

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Unfortunately, this seems to be the case. Just went and bought phono->2xtrs cables. Thanks!