Recording stops after count in

Hi everyone! I have set up a 2 bar count to play before recording starts. It worked just fine until today. For some reason when I hit record, it will apparently start, count 2 bars but then stop recording. (the other tracks continue to play as if I press play and not record). If I record from the middle of the track, even with the count in - it will record. this problem only occurs if I start from the very beginning.

I’m unable to reproduce the issue, on my end. It works each and every time, with these settings, even if the project cursor is set at :

So, and as usual, I would suggest to relaunch Cubase in ‘safe mode’, with the Disable program preferences option, and see how things go from there…

It could also be that you have Punch Out activated and the Punch Out point is on position
Not very likely but possible.

Thank you both for answering!
Some how, when I got back to the project a few days later the problem was just gone.