Recording sustain pedal (cc64) creates multiple points on controller lane


Every time I record a MIDI piano using my sustain pedal I have a hard time editing my controller lane cc64. For each point created (pedal down or pedal up) 5 tiny white squares are created, but overlapped. I see only one, but there are five of them . If I click and delete the “first one” another one shows up underneath, and if I delete this second one there’s a third one, and so on.

So basically if I want to move the spot of a “pedal down” a bit to the right I need to click on the little square and delete it, then do it four more times until I get to the “last one”, which I’m finally able to move. I believe my cc64 pedal is sending multiple commands every time I press it. Has anyone experienced it? It’s super time consuming having to delete 4 little dots before being able to drag the pedal hit across the editor.

Any suggestions?

Are the duplicates on the same or different MIDI Channels? Have you put a MIDI Monitor on the Track to see what’s happening?

It’s probably easier to remove the duplicates using the List Editor rather than the Key Editor.

Hi @raino , thanks for the input.
The duplicates are on the same MIDI channel. I’ve attached a picture of the MIDI monitor of my piano track.
MIDI monitor

What does your MIDI Setup page look like.

On the Track above with the MIDI Monitor on it, is the Track’s MIDI Channel set to Any or 1? If it is 1 then the Track will convert all the Channels to be on 1 regardless of the Channel the Controller is transmitting. What is the controller you are using?