Recording the sound of a vst

I’m new to Cubase.
I’d like to record the sound I create directly with a vst (Halion or else).
If I add a instrument track, the recording is MIDI information ; Moreover the track doesn’t keep the live changes I make on the knobs (pitch, reverb…).
So I’dd like to record the stereo out on an audio track but I don’t think it’s possible.
Exporting a track isn’t ok because I can’t play with the knobs and pads…
Any idea ?
Thanks a lot !

Have you tried the following?

  • Make a new Group channel
  • Route the output of the VST instrument to the Group channel
  • Make a new Audio track
  • Choose the Group Channel as the input for the new Audio track
  • Record the new Audio channel while playing the VST instrument

In order for those moves to be saved & repeated they need to be recorded as Automation Data. In the MixConsole the W button causes the data to be written and the R button for reading. It’s worth reading the documentation on Automation in the Manual.


Thanks for your answers. It’s true that automation is a good thing and I will use it.
Still, is there any way to record what you hear ?

Once you’ve recorded all the automation data and edited it to your liking, right click on the midi clip (the box where the midi info is kept) and select render in place. Cubase will creat an audio track that contains a render of the output of the VST.