Recording To Audio Track From Isolated VST Synth

After a year of using Cubase 7, this is something I’ve yet to have to do and I’m having some trouble figuring out if it can even be done.

Up until now, any audio tracks I’ve created internally, I’ve done first before any other tracks were present. Now I have a situation where I have 3 tracks (drums, bass, lead) and I want to take Reaktor’s Travelizer, play it real time into an audio track and then take the audio track and slice it up.

Here is my problem.

When I set up the audio track to record setting the buses for input and output to no bus and then setting input to Stereo Out, once I start the Cubase record process, the audio track immediately starts recording all the tracks already present (drums, bass, lead)

I saw a video for Pro Tools where you can choose a bus out number for Reaktor’s Trevelizer and then using that bus out number as the input for the audio track. I don’t see any way to do this with Cubase 7.

So, here are my questions.

Is there a way to assign a specific bus out for a VST instrument and then use that bus out as the input for the audio track? If not, is there some other way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I’ve looked through the Cubase manual under buses but I don’t see anything that does this. What am I missing? This seems like it should be a basic function.

Any help in setting this up will be appreciated.


Aloha W,
Not sure if this is what you mean but if you want to turn
a VSTi track into and audio track,

1-Select the VST’i track(s) and set locators and then
2-Go to ‘Export’.
When there near the bottom there is a field called:
‘Import into Project’.
3-Then tick the ‘Audio Track’ box.
4-Hit ‘Export’.
This will put an audio track of the VST’i(s) on your Project Page.

Hope this is what you mean.

Good Luck!

Two ways:

  1. Route your VSTi Output to a group, then set the output of the group to no bus and set the input of your audio track to be the group output. Makes sure that you click the orange monitor button on the audio track, or you won’t hear anything.
  2. Create a new output in VSTi Connections and set it to be not connected. Route your VSTi to this new output and then set the input of your audio track to be the new output that you just created. Again, make sure that you click the orange monitor button on the audio track, or you won’t hear anything.


Thanks. For some reason (1) doesn’t seem to work but (2) does. Obviously I must be doing something wrong using the first method but as long as I can get one of the two to work, it’s all good.

I am assuming I can repeat this process for as many audio tracks and VSTs as I like, correct?

Hi everybody!

I’m just trying to do the same, send vst instrument in this case addictive drums on separated audio tracks in
cubase sx, followed steps described in this post but still no audio on audio tracks from Addictive drums, i made a video to show the parameters i set, can you tell me where i wrong?:

i also attached the project file that need AD2 and cubase sx
CBsx+AD2.rar (15.3 KB)
Any help? Please i’m going crazy!