Recording to multiple channels with USB Mixer

I have a Behringer xenyx 1622usb mixer and cubase 5. My question is with this simple setup is there any way to record the individual channels onto seperate tracks in cubase. Right now i use it pretty much to record guitar tracks one at a time, but being able to record different channels to different tracks would be very helpful recording drums. If I cant with this mixer is there any kind of usb interface that does work with what im asking? Any help is appreciated thanks.

I’m Assuming you want to record to different tracks at the same time since you referenced recording drums. According to page 3 of the manual It looks like you can record up to 4 tracks simultaneously. Regarding other USB interfaces I have a ZOOM R16 with 8 inputs that I use for standalone remote recording. It’s also an interface that connects to your PC via USB and will record directly into CB5 using it’s 8 inputs simultaneously if your PC is strong enough. If not record to the R16 directly and transfer files to CB via USB and edit on you PC. It’s very versatile. Tascam makes a couple multiple input USB interfaces though I’ve never used them.

I have an Allen & heath Zed 10fx mixer with usb out. I am try ing to do just the same ,ie, record four simutainious tracks onto my Essesntial 5.
I am completly new to this so any help would be good! :unamused:

Here we go again…

These little mixers (the ones that promise so much and deliver so little) generally provide a simple USB interface that allows you to record the main mix out of the mixer. That is the stereo out, thus can only record TWO channels.

I’ve checked both manuals and indeed that is the case both for the Z10fx and the 1622usb.

This is not made clear in the marketing blurb that promotes these devices, and I would go as far to say that it’s almost misdirection as a lot of people that are new to recording expect that a 10 or 16 channel USB mixer should be able to record as many channels independently. Well these ones cant and it is most definitely not made clear that they are restricted to recording the stereo buss only.

Got it. It seems that a straight forward interface, as apposed to a mixer would do the job. Any suggestions as to which to go for?

If you want multiple inputs with USB connection I gave 2 above.

So true.

Hi all I’ve been using an Alesis Firewire Multimix 12 that has performed well in this situation, any combo of channels can be recorded at once as long as your setup can handle it. In fact, i’ve even piggy backed my spare multimix 8 alongside the 12 and was able to get both mixers ready to record on all channels at once. (I’ve never had call to actually use all channels at once nor do I think at that point my system could handle it, but I did set it up and test each channel so it is feasable.) Yamaha also made a USB mixer that functioned on all channels, but the latency was a bit much for me.

Thanks everyone really appreciate the help. I figured Id only be able to do 2 channels with what i got. Ill have to check out that R16 and see what i can do with that.