Recording track output to new track: 3dB loss

Hi, I recently changed my workflow and one of the things I do now, once I have a mix close to finish, is record the tracks with hardware inserts to a new track.
The way I do this: for all tracks with hardware insert:

  • create new track
  • select as input the output of the original track
  • record enable and go.

This works perfectly, especially on the latency side. And the tracks null when I test the original track with the newly recorded track. With one imperfection: the recorded track is 3dB lower.
It is not a big problem, but I have no idea where it is coming from.
It has nothing to do with mono or stereo, as it happens with both.

Anybody have any experience with this? Am I missing an obvious setting?

Many thanks!

Dirk Brouns
Studio Maasland


What are the HW Inserts, please? Do they affect the volume? Is there any gain control involved in the signal path?

Hi Martin,

Does not really matter. What I do: the channel with the insert is recorded to a new track, so they should be exactly the same. And they actually do cancel out when I reverse phase on one of them, but on the recorded track I have to increase the gain with exactly 3dB.

Must be a setting somewhere or a bug.


Is there any gain control involved in the signal path?

Absolutely, there are various plugins (eq/compressor/gate) and hardware inserts (compressors) involved.
That should not matter - I am recording the output of the effected channel onto a new channel.


Sorry, do I understand you right, the signal flow is following:

  • Audio track A.
  • Cubase Output
  • Audio Device Output.
  • HW effect 1 Input.
  • HW process.
  • HW effect 1 Output.
  • HW effect 2 Input.
  • HW process.
  • HW effect 2 Output.
  • Audio Device Input.
  • Cubase Input.
  • Audio track B.

Especially, if any of the effect is changing the velocity of the signal, there is no wonder, the level is different.

Sorry, no your are misunderstanding the situation.

I am simply using hardware inserts like many do and when I consolidate the tracks for future recallability, the strange thing is Cubase introduces a gain change of 3dB. Belief me, I have tested this a bit. Everything works flawlessly (tracks null perfectly, no latency) but the 3dB difference.
Not a big thing, but would be nice if I knew whether I am missing someting in a setting (e.g. pan law) or if it is a Cubase bug.

PS The level is not different, it is perfectly the same, just with an offset of 3dB. Thanks for trying to help, but it is not something obvious.


Could you describe this, please?