Recording Tracks W/Yamaha MM6

I just bought a Yam mm6 and am trying to record tracks as i did with my old synth (which allowed me to directly control what voices were on all 16 channels).

with the Yamaha it does not seem that the channels are controlable. however…if i record 4 tracks each with a different voice (voices other than just general MIDI) they play back with the corresponding voices.

if i save the project and turn off the keyboard and then come back to recording at a later time everything starts to play back on each track as only the voice that is currently selected on the keyboard.

any one have experience with the mm6 as it relates to cubase le 5?

in summary i’m trying to record tracks with voices other than what is able to be selected via the software in the general midi bank (so that i can mix tunes using all of the sound pallette of the keyboard).


You need a device map. Look in the Device Manager .pdf for instructions. LE5 may not support the feature, you’ll have to check.

I’m sorry device manager pdf. that came with the cubase software?