Recording tracks

When, in a template, you record more tracks at the same time…then, once finished, you want to record other tracks… how to deselect all the previous tracks? I mean, if you forget to deselect one or more of the previous tracks you are going to record instruments that you don’t need. Is there any way to do that in a click instead going around in your template looking for tracks you just recorded and you don’ need in the next session?
Thank you!


Select one track, the other tracks become unselected automatically.

Thank you Martin… If I select multiple track with “Ctrl” key it works in the way you said. It’s not the same if I select track to record by clicking on the record button on each track. Anyway, I have to use “Ctrl” comand …
Thanks again!


This function doesn’t select the track at all. This enables the Record on the track.