Recording trouble.

Hello people:

im starting recording my first project, but when im recording the second track, i hear some strange sounds in the back of the track that was recorded, its sounds like a cracking sound ?. :open_mouth:

I am using a behringer QX2442 mixtable
Focusrite Pro 40 soundcard
qubase elements 8

Can somebody help me te resolve this problem !

Thanks (Y) :smiley:

sounds like latency is set to small? increase your buffer size to around 1024 and see if it’s better (look in the focusrite control panel)

if your on Windows you can run the program ‘latency monitor’ (google it) to check your computer for it’s performance for audio work.

Hi Richard66,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Saffire Pro 40.

As the previous post suggests try adjusting the buffer size within Cubase. With a lower buffer size you will experience less latency but you may notice clicks, pops, or audio dropouts as you add more tracks and/or plugins to your session. Try raising the buffer size in Cubase as a possible solution.

We have an optimization guide available on our website. I suggest that you take these steps to ensure that the PC is best suited to handle audio:

Restart the PC so that these changes can take effect then test to see if you still notice the crackling.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us directly.

Best Regards,

Derrick // Focusrite Technical Support