recording two mics on two separate tracks

I need assist how to record two mics on two separate tracks in Cubase 10.
Mackie ProFX8v2 mixer connected cubase via USB.
are there any docs, instruction, video or others step-by-step How to setup microphones input channels, audio tracks to recording at the same time two microphones (mic1=man and mic2=woman vocals) on two separate tracks ?
or I need other audio interface ?
thanks all.

You should be able to use your current interface to do this if - and this is a big if - if the physical input ports on the hardware are designed to receive mic level signals and not just line levels. That will be specific to your actual hardware. If you only have line level inputs then you will need a pre-amp to convert the mic signal to line level.

That said, a proper audio interface with ASIO will give you more flexibility and and probably better audio quality. They will generally have both line and mic level inputs and sometimes even guitar level inputs. You should consider putting a better interface near the top of your wish list.

All of the above (and also your attached screen shots) are about talking to the physical hardware. FYI this is one of the more confusing things that new folks to DAWs need to figure out - especially because it is dependent on the hardware you are using so the specifics will change on different systems.

But let’s assume you have the hardware part sorted out.

Your interface names the ports -1 and -2. In Studio Setup you can rename them to something more descriptive under “Show As” like “left” & “right” or whatever you like.

Now if you go into Audio Connections/Inputs you can create new buses that get their input from the physical ports. You can use the same physical port in multiple buses. So you could create a stereo buss using -1 & -2 and a Mic1 buss using -1 and a Mic2 buss using -2. These busses are what you use as the audio source for you recordings. Once you’ve created these make sure to save them as a preset so you don’t have to build them over again.

I went and took a quick look at the manual for the ProFX8v2. From a hardware perspective it looks like it should be more than up to the task. But it doesn’t seem to have its own ASIO driver. The only reference I could find to ASIO was to the ASIO4All website. Sure seems like it “should” show an audio port for each of its 8 channels, but on page 7 it says it only sends a stereo pair via USB. Granted this is marketed as for live audio, still seems kind of cheesy on mackie’s part. I assume the stereo signal sent to USB is the same as on the Mackie’s output. If so pan one mic all the way left and the other fully right. Then one mic should be on each of the mono busses you create in Audio Connections.

So many of those USB equipped mixers only have a stereo out for it’s USB Audio, it’s frustrating as so many people get wrongly fooled into thinking you can record all 8 chans independently.

And raino above is right - the only way is to Pan Hard left on Mic 1’s channel on the mixer and use the Left input (mono) in Cubase track 1, and hard right on the other and set Right input as source in Cubase for Track 2.

If you’re not doing a live recording you may be best to record each Mic seperately too so you don’t get bleed, each singer can monitor via headphones too. But depends on the application, of course.