Recording two sounds on different tracks (split- keyboard)

I am trying to record a bass part in Massive on one track while recording a right-hand part in Retrologue on another track. Is there an easy way to set this up? I have never dug into the Input Transformer, but is that where I need to go to do this? There doesn’t seem to be a preset for a simple right/left split…
Halion Sonic does this easily.
Does Cubase have note-range zone parameter to use with plug-ins?

transformer is the correct tool if you can’t set the zone output to separate MIDI channels on your keyboard.

Put a transformer on both tracks. Block > xxx on one and < xxx on the other.

Yes, Input Transformer is the right place.

You can use Global Transformer and set it like:
Type Is > Equal Note
Pitch > Less or Equal c’

Channel > Add > 1.

See the screenshot.

This means, if you will send MIDI note, which was lower than c’, you will send the signal to the next MIDI channel.

Thanks! I got it to work with both your help. I went with the local transformer ( realized I need to set the function to “filter”) I made 2 presets - one filtering everything above middle C and one below middle C. So now I can just throw those presets onto whatever tracks I need. Very cool.
BTW, there is hardly any tutorial help on the web about the transformer or the logical editor, and it’s not exactly intuitive. I guess not many people use it - but I can see how useful it might be.

I don’t know about that. I can’t imagine anyone with outboard gear NOT using it.

Yeah, the Logical Editor, and don’t forget the Project Logical Editor, great things. Especially since you can invoke them with key commands.

I guess until today I never seemed to “need” it. If you don’t know what something can do, then you don’t miss it. I come from hardware sequencers, so this is still pretty new to me. Much to learn…