Recording Tyros 5 in Cubase 8

Hi team,

Has anyone written a basic setup procedure for recording MIDI from a Tyros 5 keyboard to Cubase? Everyone is so involved with VST instruments, they forget us poor saps who still like to use external tone generators. I need the very BASIC steps to get me started. The manuals and internet information are written to expert users only. There are virtually no basic definitions. Believe it or not, I’m a pretty good piano player, but know very little about the newer technology. I’m still stuck in the Voyetra days run from a DOS platform.

I do know that the Tyros 5 experts recommend I record the MIDI file directly on the Tyros 5 first, and then import the MIDI file to Cubase for editing and subsequent conversion (recording) to audio. Here are my specific questions:
1 - What is the wiring and subsequent power-up sequence? I know you can’t just plug things in and turn everything on.
2 - My MIDI tracks are all set to All MIDI Inputs. How do I set my MIDI Output? I believe that’s why I’m not hearing any playback.
3- What settings need to be made in the MIDI Device Manager?
4- What settings need to be made in the Device Setup dialog box. I have a feeling things are not right, due to my power up sequence.
5 - What does 2 - Digital Workstation-1 mean?

Here’s what I think I know (I’m using a UR44 interface):
1 - In Device Setup–>Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, it reads UR44 Input 1 and 2 are active.
2 - In Device Setup–>Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, it reads UR44 Mix 1 L and R are active.
3 - I can record and playback audio no problem.
4 - The MIDI out on any channel, reads Missing:Input 1, which makes no sense because this is a MIDI Out text box!! In the same list, it does read, Yamaha Tyros 5 (Missing digital workstation).
5 - When I arm a MIDI track to record, I can see the track level indicators and Transport bar level indicators dancing. This is a good thing and indicates I have MIDI in working.
6 - The Monitor icon (little speaker) is on, but still no sound.
7 - I know the difference between a Port and a MIDI channel. A Port houses several MIDI channels.
8 - I assume you use one port per keyboard. I also have a MOX8, but the Editor VST sets things up nicely for me. I assume I can route it to Port 2 and keep the Tyros 5 on Port 1?

Let’s start with that. If you are able to respond to this, please treat me like a complete and total moron, and assume I know nothing, especially terminology. Many thanks!

  • Lee

P.S. I am a technical writer, and after I fully understand what the hell is going on, I’m going to write up a procedure for the less learned so that they too can enjoy recording their Tyros series keyboards. I love the MIDI editing features in Cubase–much easier than on the Tyros 5!!

I made some changes from the configurations mentioned earlier in this post. I no longer get the error messages on opening Cubase, however, I still have no sound. There are MIDI in and MIDI out activity indicators on the Tyros 5 that tell you when data is being transmitted or received. They are indicating perfect transfer, In and Out, and yet still no sound! Please see the following screen shots.
Correct Configuration.jpg

MIDI Port Setup.jpg


  1. Bellow the MIDI Input, you can choose also MIDI Output of the track. Your MIDI Output is always 2-Digital Workstation-1. If you want to make visible even other MIDI Outputs, enable the visibility in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Ports in the blue (Outputs) area.

  2. If you want to search for the sounds in Cubase, install a new Device, and select Yamaha Tyros 5 from the list. As output select all MIDI Channels. And set the MIDI Output port to the 2-DW-1.

  3. The default Setup is OK for most cases. Enable all MIDI Ins and Outs.

  4. This is USB/MIDI output connected to your Tyros.

You might run into some trouble playing midi in Cubase, I know I had a hard time making sense of it when I used a Tyros 1. The Tyros is highly configurable and depending on the midi setup inside Tyros and how you split/layer the keyboard, it will send to different midi channels, that when played back can easily result in the wrong patches playing.

You need to have a audio track that is connected to the Tyros and that audio track you have to monitor (little speaker icon).

Hi Martin and Peakae…thanks for chiming in.

  1. I tried making more MIDI Outputs visible but I don’t see a way to do it when they’re Inactive.
  2. Did that. Actually set the Port to Digital Workstation-1 and it worked. I had configured my Yamaha USB Driver incorrectly. That issue is solved.

As an update, it seems I must add an Audio track to any MIDI based project. This routes the MIDI out to the audio Output bus of the UR44. My only remaining issue is when I play back the song, I’m hearing what sounds like a phase shift–the kind heard when you forget to turn Local Control off in the T5. I have since turned Local control off, but the phase shift sound is still there.

Peakae, you’re right in that recording MIDI from the T5 to a DAW is tricky, but I actually record the MIDI on the T5 first and import it later to Cubase for editing. It worked very well with my Steinberg CI-1 sound interface. It’s only since buying the UR44 that I’m having nightmares. After I figure out this phase shift sound anomaly, I’ll be cooking.

  • Lee


The Audio track is necessary to hear the audio from Tyros in Cubase and to be able to record it. The Monitor has to be switched On to hear the Input of the track.

Local Control has to be switched Off while playing the keyboard. If it is switched On, you are sending the MIDI data twice to the Tone generator (Tyros):

  1. From the keyboard to the tone generator (this is what you disable by the Local Control Off)
  2. From the keyboard thru Cubase track back to Tyros tone generator via USB/MIDI.

Hi again, Martin. Thanks for the Local Control description. I was thinking the same.

Someone at the T5 forum suggested I try recording some MIDI into Cubase with my MOX8, and that will verify that all my signal routing and settings are correct. Actually, everything is working fine except the audio playback from the UR44 has that odd phase shift sound, which sounds like I forgot to turn off the Local Control on the T5–when indeed, it is off.

I’m going to record with the MOX8 and see what it sounds like.

  • Lee


Could you describe your audio and MIDI routing? I mean the physical cabeling?

Hi everyone. PROBLEM SOLVED :smiley:!!

I opened the Yamaha MIDI USB Driver configuration dialog box and noticed I had clicked both Port 1 and Port 2 MIDI out ports. I guess the audio was being triggered twice, hence the phase anomaly. The playback from the T5 is perfect now. It sounds just like I recorded it.

I did a test song in MIDI, and then recorded the MIDI tracks to one stereo Audio track. It plays back perfectly. Now, I can concentrate on some real tunes!

Thanks again, all!!

  • Lee