Recording Tyros 5 into Cubase AI5

Hi all,

I recorded a MIDI song on my T5. I want to edit it in Cubase AI5. I imported the MIDI file and 7 tracks were generated. Problem: the playback is not triggering the T5. It seems to be triggering a GM device or Halcion. I imported Bill’s T5 script file into the Device Manger, but the T5 is not showing up in any tracks under the Input Routing or Instrument parts of the Track Inspector.

My end goal is to edit my T5 MIDI song in Cubase, and then record the extra parts with my MOX8 pianos (because the T5 pianos are still not up to par). I also want to add some voices from the T5 because the SA2 voices are up to par and beyond! I really wish the Yamaha geniuses would sell us software that non-engineers can use!! They make everything so complicated and assume we know what all their fancy terms mean. Help!..oh and thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Lee

Hi everyone,

I was able to contact Bill Grosse over at the PSR Tutorial Forum. Together, we worked out where my issues were when trying to record the Tyros 5 and MOX8 into Cubase.

Basically, it’s best to use the Tyros 5 Song Creator to build the initial MIDI tracks, and then upload them to Cubase for editing. Then you can connect the MOX8 to your computer and start recording MIDI tracks from the MOX8. If anyone has trouble with this scenario, I’d be glad to write up my procedure for you. There are several issues that are not in any of the manuals or in posts, that I can see. For example, when adding a single piano track from the MOX8, you don’t put the MOX8 into Song mode because it triggers the still connected Tyros 5, complete with it’s split point! To avoid this, you need to put the MOX8 it into Voice mode. It’s things like that… :wink:

Thanks to all who stopped by to read my post :slight_smile:. Best…