Recording UR242 Effects

Hi all, try as I might, I cannot get the UR242 effects to record to the DAW. I can only get the dry signal on playback. I am using it with Mixcraft, not Cubase. I have selected ‘‘Insert Effects’’ in the channel strip as shown in the walk through video for the unit. Other than that, I cannot find any other settings that I can change. Would it be possible that it would have to be working with Cubase, or should it record effects with any other DAW? Any help would be great.

I think I just realized the issue. I am trying to ‘‘print’’ the reverb. I can ''print ‘’ the other channel strip guitar amp sounds etc, just not the reverb. I guess the correct method is to add it via the vst version at mixdown, as the reverb cannot be recorded as it appears in the monitoring system?

The FX output of UR242 is only for monitoring. Yes you should add the VST version to insert slot, then you can bounce or render.