Recording video playback with Windows 10 Game Bar

I work on audio for mobile games, and using Windows 10 Game Bar, I’ve managed to video capture games that I am testing on Google Chrome with audio/video playing back smoothly.

However when I try using Windows 10 Game Bar to record the video playback from Cubase 10 with my sound design synced to the video clip, only the video is recorded. No audio is coming out despite the fact that I’ve configured Windows 10 Game Bar audio settings to use my audio interface Focusrite USB.

Has anyone successfully recorded video playback in Cubase with Windows 10 Game Bar, or be able to advise me on how I can fix this issue?

I’ve tried to record Cubase video playback with OBS and voicemeeter but there seems to be a lag in the audio playback using this method.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Good luck! It doesn’t matter what recording app you use, nothing works with Cubase. I have a Steinberg audio interface for crying out loud and no matter what I use VoiceMeeter, Reastream, OBS, nothing will record the audio in a screen capture. I gmhave tried everything. I have a support ticket in to Steinberg so I’ll see what happens.