Recording vinyl collection from UR22MKII


I have an UR22MKII,

I use the “record output” from my XONE92 to “line2 input” of UR22MKII with HI-Z turned on.

I use a cable RCA red & black -> assymetric Jack from my XONE to UR22MKII

My UR22MKII goes to my Laptop with USB2.0

Then I try to record on Audacity

But I get only the right channel in Audacity :frowning: , mono ???

Please help :slight_smile:


You need RCA red & black -> 2x assymetric jack, like this:

The inputs on the UR22 are mono so you need to use 2 inputs, 1 for each channel.

You need a phono-preamp with RIAA correction and the possibility for MM (Moving magnet and the other , can’t recall it right now as I do not use this one, it’s the element type).

Hi-z is for guitars, maybe you get results but I bet it will not be as good as using the right converter with RIAA corrections.

Oh the other is magnet coil (MC)

Sorry Mroekalea, but I think that’s not correct.
The Xone92 is a mixer, it has phono preamps. The recording output is line level, so you can use it to record your vinyl like you’re trying to do.

Hi Strophoid, I don’t know the xone92 so I guess you’re right, but when somebody says that he turns on the hi-Z then it’s logical to think that he uses a guitar input.

Maybe the term Hi-Z is used wrong or unusually?
But then again if the OP’er can record his Vinyl the goal is achieved… :sunglasses:

True, you shouldn’t need High-Z, but that’s not what’s causing you to record just 1 channel.