Recording vinyl through mixer and UR22 to PC

Hi all,
I’ve searched the forum, can’t believe I’m the first one with thos question, but I could not find anything. So here goes.

I have a record player linked to an analog mixer. The mixer conects to the Steinberg UR22 throught the Balanced Out XLR and to the XLR in on the front of the UR22.

If I start Cubase AI I get no signal… not sure waht to do.

It would be great if anyone would take time to help e out. Much appreciated!.
Steve, Holland

Does the record deck have a built in phono stage? If it doesn’t then the output from it will be tiny. Put the details of the turntable on here so I can tell. Most turntables except really cheap ones don’t have an inbuilt phono stage.

Hi thanks for your reply!
Sorry I did not paint the complete picture. It’s record deck, to mixer. And amp to mixer. Mixer to Steinberg.
Record Deck: Denon DP DJ150
Amp: Onkyo A9377
Mixer: DAP Core Mix 3
thanks, Steve

Ok so I don’t know much about record desk mixers. I take it you are getting an output from the mixer that you can confirm? A question is why aren’t you plugging the mixer usb into your pc as it looks like it has its own audio interface?

If not then the line outs of the mixer should go to the two inputs on the ur22 and it should work. I take it you already know how to use the ur22 and you are looking at the correct inputs in Cubase or whatever daw you are using. A confirmation through the chain of where you can get sound may help. Also the named sockets you have used to connect

I think I have the right setup. Record Deck, Mixer and Amp are working fine. (The USB on the mixer is for MP3 playback or recording) I then make the link between the Mixer (XLR Balanced out) and into the Steinberg front XLR inputs. When I turn the volume up I get a blinking red light on the UR22, next to the input channels.

And then I don’t know what to do. I open Cubase AI and am lost immediately. I don’t know the next step.
I tried: New Project, More, Create Emoty and tried recording while playing a record (confirmed red blinking input on UR22). No success.

Have you read the ur22 manual? Have you set up connections? I don’t have the ur22 but the concept is the same. You need to set up connections first then when you creat an audio track you have to select the right input. I’m not in front of my computer to give exacts but the connections is under one of the drop down menus at the top of the screen and it is top of the list. I think it is the studio titled drop down.

I found the complete manual and I think it contains the answer! All I had was a ‘Getting started’ guide. Thank you for pointing that out. I will try the setup later and report back here. Thanks, Steve

I managed to record a track, great. I intended to post a detailed overview, but my succes was so much of trial and error I don’t think it will be of much help. I watched a lot of videos, the majority of which is IoS/MAC orientated. Most important high level take aways:

  1. Manual :slight_smile:
  2. Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver
  3. CuBase AI

I connected the working set (Amp, Mixer, Record deck) to the Steinberg UR22 and connected the UR to my Windows PC through USB.
After installing the USB driver, I started Cubase AI and choose ASIO driver. Then through the wizzard under the tab Hub, I selected the Open/ More and hit Create. On the left side of the screen it showed Stereo Out as only option. I was able to change this to Stereo In and it showed Steinberg UR22 input.

When I played a reecord on the deck, I saw VU movement in the right bottom of the Cubase screen. When I hit record, it worked.

Hopefully this is help to someone.

Thank you MKOK for helping me get started!

And remember: “A good thing about music: when it hits you feel no pain. So hit me with music!”

Glad to hear you got it sorted. If your new to Cubase there will be plenty more to baffle you :smirk: