Recording virtual instruments real time in Nuendo

How do you record virtual instruments (like Sylenth) in real time using Nuendo? I’ve always recorded the MIDI track then exported the track, then imported it back onto an audio track. That’s slow and tedious.

There’s a $20 tool called TapeIt that will allow you to set the output to an input channel where you want to record. Maybe this is the only way.

You can’t do that in Nuendo3.
From Nuendo4 on, you can record any track/buss/output to a new track.


Aha! Thanks.

Well I just upgraded to Nuendo 5.0 but I can’t seem to figure out how to route a VST instrument to an audio track to record in real time. Anyone know how?

Create an audiotrack.
Set output to none
Set input to desired output


You can also so a “simple” export (export window) in real time and flag the “import into pool/new audiotrack” settings.