recording vocals and headphone monitoring

hi all
I have started doing some vocals on mainly electronic tracks. I have some VST and some vintage analogue synths.

I have a Cubase / UR22 and have headphones plugged into the headphone jack. I record vocals into a mixing desk that also has my real vintage synths going into it. The mixing desk goes into the UR22 inputs

When I record vocals I turn down my monitors and use the headphones, however I get the real instruments recorded into the vocals mix.

Can anyone suggest a way to get a clean vocal take. Do I need to plug in the mic to the UR22 rather than the mixing desk.
I can mute all the real instruments but it’s not ideal
Sorry for the noobish question

Working with a mixer and an interface gets complicated. You need to understand the routing.

I dumped the mixer a long time ago and invested in an interface that has enough inputs to plug everything in.

You need at least a 4 bus mixer to work with a DAW so you can separate what you want to hear vs what you want to record.

How about record your instrument and just have the mixer do vox?

Lot of ways to go but they come down to you getting a good understanding of your signal flow. Flow charts and diagrams help.