Recording vocals with mono to stereo

Everywhere I read (internet), people say “record vocals in mono”. I understand the reasoning, but I wonder if recording a vocal to one side of a stereo track and then applying the “mono to stereo” effect creates the same “center stage” sound. The reason I ask is, some effects require a stereo track in order to be effective.

You can also send the mono recording to a stereo fx or group buss then apply stereo effects on it.

My rule of thumb: Vocals always recorded mono (lead vocal) then I taylor the sound if needed on that track with eq, compression for the “meat and potatoes” of the sound. Then that is sent to a few group channels for various effect/stereo widening things. I usually have 3-4 tracks for one vocal, especially in dense mixes.

You can simply record a mono input bus to a stereo track.

Or just drag a mono track onto a blank stereo one!