Recording volume problem

If you record a stereo and a monaural band from the same audio source in parallel, the mono band will be recorded 4 to 8.2 dB louder. Why?

This is a problem because when you adjust the volume, only the stereo track is available, after downloading it turns out that the mono track is overdriven.

I’m guessing you’re hitting a 6db stereo > mono conversion - or rather a variation of it.

VST connect probably doesn’t allow for it (or your not allowing for it in when setting levels)…either way if you’re recording 24/32 bit then you should give yourself much more headroom than you are allowing.

Think of -12db as your zero.

Thanks. But I’m not summing the signal, I’m recording a mono channel from a mono signal source.

I also only record on the left side of the vst connect stereo channel, so it’s also mono. However, this (non-HD) mono signal that appears immediately during recording is not the same as the volume of the transferred HD file. The latter is louder.
I have turned off Pan Law correction in Nuendo settings before, this may not be the reason for the discrepancy.

I know you’re not summing - I’m just pointing out that stereo > mono often has a 6db discrepancy. Things that are panned centre are normally reduced 6db (although it depends on the software) - not suggesting you are doing anything wrong (apart from trying to record too hot)


Nueno (or Cubase) pan law has nothing to do with this. Try recording with pan hard left/right (in the VST Connect plugin RECORD section).
Performer HD files are directly from Input w/o any modification, unless the “fx” button of the according channel is engaged in which case that channels’ inserts are also recorded, but even then no levels are modified. For the stereo mix from Performer to Studio, controlled by the RECORD section, the Performers’ mixer pan law is applied.

If you set the VST Connect Pro pan all the way to the left and set the volume button below to maximum, the recording volume will be the same as the volume of the HD file. (0.1 dB difference)
Also in Nuendo (Cubase), it is advisable to set the panorama control of the recording channel to the left.

Thank you, Musi!