Recording VST from DAW into Halion??

:question: :question: My DAW is Ableton Live/Cockos Reaper.

I would like to record a VST from my DAW into Halion 6.

But I cant really figure out the routing.

Anyone tried this??


just load any VST in Live and send the Audio in the “Audio To” drop-down to HALion 6.

Sadly this is not an option I have as there are Audio To Halion 6 in my setup.

Which version of Live are you using? I have tested in 9.7.1. And are you on Mac or Windows?
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.30.18.png

Hi im running 9.7.1 on windows 10 PC.
Are there any internal Halion settings I should look into?
Also tried it with a beta version, same issue.

Again tried it with Cockos Reaper, still a no go:-(

Should I create a ticket? As this is really so annoying that I might want refund??

For sampling VST’ s its better and faster to use render- or bounce in place in your DAW and drag&drop the audiofile to HALion.

But I don’ t know if Ableton Live offers these possibilities.

It does, but one of the features in Halion was the record function and does seem like a great workflow for me anyways:-)

It is working in Reaper when you are inserting HALion 6 as a VST3 plug-in and in Ableton as an AU plug-in. But it doesn’t seem to work with VST2 in Ableton.

Ahh yes VST3.
Hope ableton get this fixed then.

Thanks :mrgreen:

Please get the VST2 version working!! Would be nice to sample in reason or ableton.

I also can’t get the VST3 version to sample in Studio One 3.