Recording vst to midi or wave file

i’m searching all day for a solution. i have no external instruments
i want to create songs by using my voice and vst.
1 question is how do i record vst to a file? i can play but not to record. question 2
is how can i convert my voice to an instrument.

Thank you

I have found the way to convert my voice to vst using audiotomidi plugin but can’t record the music i create…
Hope somebody can help me with that. thank’s.

  1. create an instrument track
  2. select the VST sound you wish to use
  3. use your midi keyboard to play trigger/play the music while you record

Cubase records the midi notes you have played, then uses them to trigger the VST sounds you have allocated to the instrument track.

An audiotomidi plugin would work the same way. Once you have converted the audio to midi, the midi track would simply trigger the VST sound allocated to the instrument track.

Thank you very much funkygas.