Recording "what you hear" on m1 Mac

I’ve written this before, but am I correct in saying that the Mac m1 cannot use “Record what you hear”?
I’m trying to use wave lab to record what is being played back. In the audio connections I can only setup as 1 insert, either left or right. I don’t want to use the microphone, but I can’t seem to find the setting to change this to what is being played back.

This works and is independant from M1.
Bu you have to set this here:

Thanks I’ll give that a try.

Thanks for the method. I have tried it, however I do not get the input of Analog 1/2. I have a suspicion that the Mac’s don’t allow record what you hear. This is what I get when I try to get the Anaolg 1/2.


Check this dialog above and the Audio Connections
set to
Built-in Audio 1 and Built-in Audio 2
and use “Stereo / 44 100 Hz / 16 bit” or what you need

regards S-EH

Thanks again for the quick reply.
Unfortunately, when you change this to stereo and click OK, it reverts back to mono. I have even tried to change the sample rate and the bit depth. It still reverts back to mono and one insert (mic) only. I have been able to do this before, on pc, however I think the mac’s may have something disabled here?

Your screen shot shows the bus has only one input channel defined. Check again your Audio Connection configs.

and one more:
What is your source and how is it connected ?
Why I ask is, if you haven’t anything connected to Built-in Audio
then OSX is automatically switch to microphone.

even check here:

maybe you like to playback inside WL 11 and “Record what you hear”?
then check in Recording dialog under “Input” and select this below:

regards S-EH

Thanks for all your help. Through much research I have found that the Macbook air m1 with big sur doesn’t allow you to record audio as “what you hear”. I have managed to get around this my installing Blackhole and using these settings to record what you hear. It took a while, but it does work and it is relatively easy to install.

Cool and thanks for the tip with “Blackhole”

regards S-EH

Soundflower and GingerAudio GroundControl can also be used for such tasks.

Thanks for all the information. I’ve heard of Soundflower, but I think development has stopped and Blockhole is still in development. I’m going to check out Ginger Audio. It’s a shame that apple have stopped this feature. Thank you for all the suggestions. Greatly appreciated.

i’m also on m1 and had the same issue. after installing black hole i was able to record the output when playing back a file in the editor.
in the audio montage it doesn’t work. any idea?

i found a strange workaround. open a new file group, click on the global record button in the transport bar to open the record settings window (screenshot) return to the audio montage and record the main out on track 2. do i get something wrong or is this behavior on purpose. for example to avoid feedback loops???
I often use this way of recording in ableton. the function there is called resample. this wording can be a bit misleading in wavelab :slight_smile: