Recording "what you hear" on m1 Mac

I’ve written this before, but am I correct in saying that the Mac m1 cannot use “Record what you hear”?
I’m trying to use wave lab to record what is being played back. In the audio connections I can only setup as 1 insert, either left or right. I don’t want to use the microphone, but I can’t seem to find the setting to change this to what is being played back.

This works and is independant from M1.
Bu you have to set this here:

Thanks I’ll give that a try.

Thanks for the method. I have tried it, however I do not get the input of Analog 1/2. I have a suspicion that the Mac’s don’t allow record what you hear. This is what I get when I try to get the Anaolg 1/2.


Check this dialog above and the Audio Connections
set to
Built-in Audio 1 and Built-in Audio 2
and use “Stereo / 44 100 Hz / 16 bit” or what you need

regards S-EH

Thanks again for the quick reply.
Unfortunately, when you change this to stereo and click OK, it reverts back to mono. I have even tried to change the sample rate and the bit depth. It still reverts back to mono and one insert (mic) only. I have been able to do this before, on pc, however I think the mac’s may have something disabled here?

Your screen shot shows the bus has only one input channel defined. Check again your Audio Connection configs.

and one more:
What is your source and how is it connected ?
Why I ask is, if you haven’t anything connected to Built-in Audio
then OSX is automatically switch to microphone.

even check here:

maybe you like to playback inside WL 11 and “Record what you hear”?
then check in Recording dialog under “Input” and select this below:

regards S-EH

Thanks for all your help. Through much research I have found that the Macbook air m1 with big sur doesn’t allow you to record audio as “what you hear”. I have managed to get around this my installing Blackhole and using these settings to record what you hear. It took a while, but it does work and it is relatively easy to install.

Cool and thanks for the tip with “Blackhole”

regards S-EH

Soundflower and GingerAudio GroundControl can also be used for such tasks.

Thanks for all the information. I’ve heard of Soundflower, but I think development has stopped and Blockhole is still in development. I’m going to check out Ginger Audio. It’s a shame that apple have stopped this feature. Thank you for all the suggestions. Greatly appreciated.