Recording with a Blackstar ID Core amp.

I have a Blackstar ID:Core 10 V2 10W amp I have connected to my laptop via USB. I have Windows 10 on my laptop. Can anyone help me to setup recording with it in Cubase Le10? I think I can get Cubase to record it but I can’t make it play back. I hit record and it seems like it’s recording what I am playing. There are no wave forms but it hears the guitar because the volume thingy bounces up and down when I play. I just can’t get any sound.

Click the Record Enable button in the Left Zone so it turns red just like in the picture here:

Did that. Still doesn’t work.

Have you set up your audio connections as described in the manual, and set the ID Core as the input to the track you want to record on? Please post a screenshot of the Audio Connections window, with the Inputs tab selected.

Enable the monitor button to, um, monitor while recording. Disable for playback.

Just a guess … screenshots could be extremely useful :bulb: .