Recording with Dorico

Hello can anyone advise me… I composed a hymn and wanted to record someone singing the verses…is there a way to do this

No, Dorico isn’t designed to record audio files. You’d need a DAW for that.

ok Thankyou can you suggest any reasonable DAW?

Cubase is probably the “correct” answer around here. I’m sure it’s great. I use Studio One and love it.

If you’re a Apple user you likely already have GarageBand which is a basic DAW. For just recording a single voice to an audio track I would imagine most of the well-known free DAWs could do that including Cubase LE, Pro Tools First, Audacity, etc. I’m sure there are quite a few others too.

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There are many DAW’s. I mention Reaper. They have a very reasonable licence fee. Free full evaluation version for 60 days. [I don’t work for Reaper or benefit from a sale, just a happy user.] Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I also use Studio One which has a very reasonable monthly subscription model if you like. And FL Studio, but that has a slant towards EDM which may not be your thing, but a superb DAW.

If you’re looking for a free professional DAW and you use Windows, you could also try Cakewalk by Bandlab. It used to be an expensive commercial program, but now is freeware. Unfortunately it is not available on mac.

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A DAW is overkill if you just want to record a vocal, Audacity will work fine. If you want to do fancy mixing then go DAW. If you want to mix with Dorico then Cubase is a good choice as eventually there’ll be Dorico integration of some form.

If all you want is a vocal track of someone singing along with whatever you play in Dorico…

Hand them some headphones (they might only want to use one side so they can hear themselves sing).

Start any ole wave/aif recorder you like, start Dorico’s transport, let them sing into the mic. Reason for headphones instead of playing through your loud speakers is to get rid of feedback. Also a good idea to get them as far away from ‘noises’ as possible…like the hum of your computer and all.

When done, trim the junk off the beginning and end with a simple wave editor. Might be you can use the same app for this you recorded in.

To sync this up with Dorico, open your favorite Video editing software. Drag the audio file you just made into it. If you like you can throw a picture or something in there for the visuals (or just leave it black…optional). Render that to mp4 with aac audio (I recommend a smaller video format to save disk space…old NTSC/PAL or DVD resolutions would be more than plenty).

Now you can load this into the Video player of Dorico. Tweak the start time and such until it matches up with Dorico’s transport.

I think you can also apply VST insert effect chains to the Video player’s audio channels, and connect the send to the FX Bus on the mixer (by default Dorico sticks a reverb in that bus).

Thankyou everyone for your suggestions…As Im a Mac user Im going to try GarageBand !

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Thankyou for your advice

You should be able to use Quicktime Player for recording audio or a video.