recording with Halion sonic

Hi Could anyone tell me the best way to save on dsp when recording with halon. At the moment i use separate tracks for each instrument eg :Piano/strings/synth and bass i find when i open the mixer and try to add plugins i freeze up for 10 seconds which is really annoying it feels like i’m struggling for power but i feel I shouldn’t be with so few tracks any idea’s i am on the dreaded windows 10 although I’m not on line and I have done all the tweaks necessary. to stop it playing up.


You can use one HALion Sonic (SE) instance with up to 16 sounds. In the HALion Sonic (SE) you have 16 slots for 16 instruments. Every single slot is assigned to a dedicated MIDI Channel (by default). So once you load the sounds, you can Add a MIDI Tracks to the project and routed them to HALion Sonic (SE) instrument.

Hi Martin, i’ll try that and see how it works .


How about render in place once you’re reasonably happy with the instrument track.
I then disable the automatically muted track (render settings) and hide it which frees up screen space. I also only use the rendered track for adding effects etc.
If, after hearing the rendered track in a mix, I find the track needs fine tuning I save all the inserts on the track, delete it, open the original instrument track, play around with it till I’m happy, then render the new track and apply the inserts I saved, and I’m back to where I wanted to be!

Jim b

Hi all. new to the forum and cubase 10 pro.

How the heck do you record from halion sonic? When I press record, and press the keys, I hear the sound but no waves are present?

Hi and welcome,

You cannot record from any virtual instrument. The virtual MIDI Keyboard of the instrument is not routed to any MIDI Input. You have to use hardware MIDI Keyboard or Cubase build in On-Screen Keyboard (Transport menu > On-Screen Keyboard; Alt + K).

You can record with the virtual keyboard. Just make sure
all midi input is selected on the track.


How do you rote the virtual keyboard’s out of the Virtual Instrument to the MIDI/Instrument Track Input, please?

If you are talking about the On-Screen keyboard (Cubase “virtual keyboard”) then it’s possible, as I described. But not from the VSTi. Or am I missing something?

If you want to record audio, you need to route the output of Halion sonic to a a summing bus (Group, output or FX track) and select that as input of an audio track.

Vitual Keyboard: Alt-K. It’s always connected/routed to the VSTi. The keyboard on the VSTi is not the virtual keyboard, it’s like a GUI. Not designed for recording.


OK, so you mean the On-screen keyboard, I described in my 2nd post already. Good, then we are talking about the same. :wink: