Recording with RME Babyface Classic (Catalina)

Hello guys!

I have updated to Wavelab Elements 10 and unfortunately recording audio doesn’t work for me anymore. Recording in Wavelab Elements 9.5 works without any issues and i am using the same settings for both versions.
Does anybody experience the same issue or could give me any suggestions how to solve it?

Audio interface: RME Babyface Classic
OS: OSX 10.15.2


What does not work exactly? And are you using version 10.0.10?

Unfortunaly no input signal.
I use 10.0.10, but it didn’t work with the previous version as well. Thats why i was waiting for an update and even with that it doesn’t work.

Were you careful to grant WaveLab 10 permission to the “Microphone” in MacOS when it asked?

The new Apple permissions and security measures are getting a little annoying.

Yes, Justin is right, make an internet search such as:

Omg that was the issue. I went over to the security settings and saw that Wavelab 10 was unchecked but Wavelab 9.5 was. So i also checked Wavelab 10 and voila it works now.
Thank you very much, i didn’t know that. Thats amazing!