Recording with the UR 242 guitar amps in cubase


Several weeks ago, i tried to record my guitar but I can’t seem to figure out how to record my guitar using any of the UR 242 guitar amps.
It’s easy enough to just record a clean sound but there seems to be a missing step to access the amps while recording.
When i try to, i get a pop-up message telling me that the device is busy or already in use or something like that.

So where in the user manual does it address this?.. or can someone just end the mystery and simply tell me which button to push?
It can’t be so complicated.


Well… as you probably already know, the instructions for using the guitar amps are on pages 20 & 21 of the UR manual.

Wonder what sample rate you are recording at because the guitar amp cannot be used when the
sample rate is set to 176.4 kHz or 192 kHz.

Also, unless you are running on an iOS device, I wonder why you want/need to use the amps in the UR and not as a VST3 in Cubase?

Regards :sunglasses:

Access the UR integrated channel strip in Cubase mixer (for the input channel) and load the plug there.

It’s on pages 13 and 14 of the manual

Whether you record dry or with the FX depend on the little switch covered on page 15 (pic is still on 14)

Hi Prock,

Thanks, i saw the UR 242 manual (page 20 - 21).
But it doesn’t mention how to “RECORD” using an amp into CUBASE".
As i said, i am able to USE the amps no problem, so yes, i am set at 44.1 kHz.
But when CuBase is running and i try to record the amp in my cubase project, i get a pop up telling me the device is busy or being used by another device, or something like that - i forget exactly what it said.
I’ve also tried opening the UR 242 first, and then Cubase, but the same message pops up as soon as CuBase load.

Your last sentence in your post might be what i need to have explained.
You wrote: "Also, unless you are running on an iOS device, I wonder why you want/need to use the amps in the UR and not as a VST3 in Cubase?

iOS device? VST3?
Do i need to click on something to tell CuBase to let UR242 preamps into the project?


Hi Grim,

I will try your advice, this weekend.

Thank you.

You’re presumably trying to open the dspmixFX and load the plug there.

Because of the Cubase integration dspmixfx will not open if Cubase is already open and give an error message…the features are all available directly in Cubase mixer.

Grims advice is most likely correct. :wink:
I mentioned the iOS thing because I did not know what OS you had and, of course, the VST3 plugins won’t work with iOS.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi Grim and Prock,

Let me admit that since my previous posts, a week or two, or so, ago, I’ve only been using the MIDI editor.
I was, recently (at time that), able to record a clean guitar track (no amps) into a project, and that was just to see if what someone else had suggested to help me to get my guitar to come out of both speakers (that seems to have been figured out).

Thanks for your help, but LOL, now, i am really confused.
I didn’t have a chance to try anything, yet, regarding recording with the amps, as i was pretty busy on the weekend.
I just signed in today (now) to re-read Grim’s suggestion again, so i could try his suggestion. But now i see Prock’s second post.

Okay, well, i am using windows 10 and CuBase Pro 8.

I am still just getting to know my way around with CuBase Pro 8. So, i’m sorry if i seem a bit daft using CuBase. I bought Pro 8 in 2016 and only started using it in 2018.

I used an older CuBase version in 2001 (with a SoundBlaster Live card) and it was NOTHING as complicated as Pro 8. The old version i had, i had bought and started recording tracks for a CD, right away - it was such a breeze to use.
Now, i see i don’t even know how to access the basic functions of CuBase Pro 8. So this all a little embarrassing for me to have to ask so many basic questions.
I am basically 17 years behind.

I know the manual is there to read but here i am asking questions because i can’t find all that i need to find in the manual. I don’t want to spend 6 months reading the manual. I think i prefer to learn as i go.

I am not sure what a dspmixFX is.
If that is what is blocking the UR 242 amps from being recorded into my project, how do i “deactivate” that dspmixFX so i CAN record with the UR 242 amps?


Let’s try this another way.

How and where are you trying to load the amp plugin when you get the problem message?

To be clear…there is no one button push that is going to fix your problem…if you want to use the dsp amp sims it is actually not that simple a process (though once you’ve done it it will be!)
Your easier option is to just load the vst version of the amp sims on your record channel insert (though then you still need to disable UR direct monitoring)
If it’s any consolation…lots of people seem to struggle with the integration features of UR as evidenced in many threads here!