Recording with the Zoom G5n


I’m French, excuse-me for my english mistakes.

I’m trying to record my guitar with Cubase 11 and the Zoom G5n multi-effects, but it don’t working.
In the audio settings :
Stereo In 1 : zoom g5n able
Stereo In 2 : zoom g5n able
idem for the stereo outs.
I have selected the asio zoom g5n

But i strum the strings, i have no sound which enter in the mix and no sound which go out.

Is anyone have a solution, an idea ?

Thank you very much !

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you Windows or Mac, please?

i’m on Windows 10


Could you try to use ASIO4ALL driver (you can download it for free) instead of the Zoom driver, please?

Yes, i have tried it before.
The difference with, it is i have the sound of the drums for examples whereas i don’t have any sound withe asio zoom g5n, but i don’t have the guitar sound in the two ways.


Could you attach a screenshot of the Audio Connections > Inputs, please? And could you describe your cabling, please?


Here are the images. About my cabling, my guitar go in the multi effects, i have the mono out go to the amp and the usb multi effects plug in the computer usb.


What is plugged to the Input 1 and Input 2 of your Zoom G5, please?

Btw, is the HiZ needed for your input by any chance?


I have just a jack input guitar.

What is the HiZ please ?

Thank you


HiZ is input with high impedance for direct guitar plugging.