Recording with Yamaha MG20XU through USB

Hey folks,

Total newbie here; please feel free to ask the most obvious questions.

I have a MG20XU mixer that came with free a Cubase 8 AI download.
Here you can see a photo of my setup. Basically I have a bunch of instruments and mics running into a MG20XU; which is connected to my Mac w/ El Capitan 10.11 via USB. Outputs of all channels plugged in to the mixer are ST enabled (ie. these buttons are pressed). When I play an instrument and hit record on Cubase (tracks are record enabled) I can see levels (this is not my screenshot, just a google image) going up and down; but the track’s soundwave is flat; hence nothing is recorded.
I am using the Mac USB driver found here

I select MG XU as my ASIO driver; and Stereo from MG XU as my input in the Device Setup menu.

What am I doing wrong or missing? Can someone help?


Hi and welcome,

Please, share the real screenshot while recording. You shared screenshot “from Google”, which is not helpful. There are Instrument tracks on the screenshot, not Audio tracks, as expected.

my Yamaha MG20Xu through USB it not working a cubase AI free download