Recording without the direct monitoring

I just got the UR824.
I don’t want to work with the direct monitoring. I can’t figure it out…
Is there’s a way to do it?
Why cant I work with Cubase and the UR dsdFx Mix its much much better?
I don’t understand the logic.
I so pissed off…
Can any one help?

I had the exact same problem and somehow nobody from Steinberg support bothered to address my issue. Great products but the only people that bother to help are people on the board. And to get real support you need to set up a phone call (where the tech guy skipped out on me the first time on a scheduled call and I got an attitude from the guy that eventually called me for asking straightforward questions.

Eventually, I figured out out. You need to have the mixer software installed in order to disable direct monitoring. If your gear is properly setup and track is armed, you should see a signal moving on the meter on the analog input channel as well as the master channel. Mute the analog input channels and make sure that the DAW signal is on. That should do the trick. That was what worked for me and why I had the phasing issues. I don’t understand why the direct monitoring signal is on by default and you need to have the mixer software to turn off.

But once you get things working, the sound is amazing. Beautiful pres and conversion. I’m thoroughly disappointed with the support though and you’ll probably find I am the only person that will respond.

Thanks for the response.
I have the mixer installed … the thing is that when I turn of the direct monitoring I can not hear
The input… I can see the signal but I cant hear it…
Don’t know if its a cubase 7 problem or it’s the sound card…

Not sure what to tell you in that case. If you have armed the track, you should hear sound coming out of your DAW. I would be inclined to think it has to do with your Cubase setup. Otherwise, it’s a faulty unit but I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that. You might have to “set up an appointment” with one of the techs. I hope you have better luck than my experience.

You still need to enable direct monitoring in Cubase. When you require the mix as in dspMixFx, this is accomplished by enabling the ‘hardware rack’ in the Cubase mixer console and adjusting the ‘UR-Channel strip insert location’ to the lower position, then adjusting the UR FX as desired.

I am in the same position. There should be an option to use the UR mixer. It is very fast and efficient for live band tracking. I am thinking of switching to pro tools partly because of this. It is just another annoying thing about Steinberg. I have spent hours trying to set up control room and the last time the track recorded out of sync.

If you can’t workout the control room and want to track live bands using the UR mixer then I suggest you give reaper a try.

You can run it as a trial for a while to see how you get on, it’s a very good stable tracking DAW, I use it live all the time for mobilerecording as it needs no dongle.