New to the forum … new to Cubase. Even though I am sufficiently overwhelmed by the product I love it and will figure it out.

Tonight I was recording a MIDI instrument track. While recording I was making changes on the fly manipulating the sound using the filter and oscillator settings. I loved what I was coming up with but when I played the track back none of the manipulations were recorded. Just the basic sound with note changes. Nothing else. I closed the window on the VST thinking that maybe they were connected because when I played the track back the second time I could still manipulate the recorded track with the VST but obviously that doesn’t help.

I’m sure there are MIDI settings or something I’m not seeing to allow for realtime changes while recording but I’m not seeing it as yet.

Any ideas are appreciated.


To keep things together, my first post from your earlier topic:

If I understand you right, you are recording automation to control settings in the instrument right?
The read and write buttons (R and W) determine wether automation is read and/or recorded. If the track is in write mode, it ‘should’ overwrite any automation previously recorded if you twist a knob.

Right-click on the track and click show all automation. That makes it easier to see what happens.

hope that helps.

Try pressing the automation write button “W” :wink:

That was it.

Thanks for the quick solution.

Much appreciated,

Hey thanks. It worked. I simple fix and much appreciated.