Records in Sync but playback of new audio delayed

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I’ve recently come across a problem. When I record audio into a project I can play along with project and add audio in real time. No problems. Yesterday I added more instruments and on playback noticed that all the latest recording was out of sync. It was slightly delayed.

Have been through device manager and tried direct monitor on / off, have adjusted buffers etc but still problem occurs.

Drivers are fine as using latest MR816CSX as interface.

I even tried tapping guitar to a midi click from inside cubase to see if that was in sync… no it was not. Again guitar was delayed?

I tried a new project and problem disappeared.

Any advice? Please


Are you sure the correct ASIO device is selected?


I’ve done (still doing) some testing

I recorded a tap on strings to the beat of the click from transport.
On playback I manually slid the recorded audio track shows its about 150ms behind.

I opened another project and recorded against the click and no delay.

I figure I could rebuild the project but its got almost 2 weeks of work in it :astonished:(

And really I just want to know what’s happened to cause this?

EDIT: I just opened a backup of the song from 2 weeks ago and recorded against a tap and no problem?

Do project files simply go bonkers?

My guess would be that you’ve added a plugin, like a convolution reverb or upsampling eq/compressor, that adds significant latency to the project.

There is a button on the top bar that says to “turn off PDC” do that and try your test.


Tested with every insert FX turned off. Still getting delay.

Cannot see "Turn of PDC "ref on my menu but have tried constrain delay compensation… still no joy :astonished:(

Constrain is what I meant, the only thing else I can think of is that you have an External FX or External Instruments set up in VST Connections.

Hi J

No have checked that. Had one compressor on ext Inst… removed that and still delays…

Have tried to do a loop test on MR816 but had no joy with setting up connections in control room to undertake that…

Make sure Auto Quantize is off. Try setting the audio priority higher.

I’ll bet you have Track Delay on.

Click on your audio track. On the left you’ll see Volume, then below that the Pan, then below that Track Delay (it has a little clock icon). If you accidentally clicked on the slider pot in that window, you delayed the track. I’ve done that before.

Just set it back to 00 and you’ll be fine.



Fixed and back to work!!!

Thank you so much :astonished:)

$$, good for you