Recover deleted files from Pool ??

Wondering if anyone knows how to “successfully” recover audio files from Pool.

I checked online - found where users in the past had success with pulling those files back out of the Pool. Well - I found them - but I have no idea how to get them back into CPR format (they currently in WAVE) and/or back into Cubase editing.

Any ideas?

What do you mean with

CPR is a Cubase projekt file, and audio files are audio files. These are two different things.

A couple of ways to get an audio file back into a project…

If the audio file is already in the project pool for the project are working, you would right click the audio file and chose “Insert into Project”. It will insert into whatever audio track you have highlighted (new or existing) at the location you choose.

If you need the audio into a different project, then I would highlight the audio files I wanted and save to the desktop. Then open the other project and import (or even drag) whatever audio files you want directly into into that project and the pool.

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Prock - got it working - thanks so much, buddy!~