Recover old cubase files from Atari 1040 ST

Hi - i’ve got some really old projects that i’d love to revive. They were stored on floppy disc using Cubase on an Atari 1040 ST a long time ago. Does anyone know of a service - or a person - that may be able to help extract midi files from floppy discs that old? I’ve got a working Atari computer myself, but the Cubase program on the old disc seems to be too damage to run.

Atari floppy disks ‘should’ be readable by a modern PC.

It depends on what format you saved the data in ?

The last version of cubase to open .all / .arr files was SX v3
Some more info here:

Older version of cubase are still available to download - wether they will run successfully on a modern PC/mac is a different issue. Might work enough to do the import/save though