Recover !

I want a RECOVER function, which automatically detects, if a Song has not been saved since the last action by the user and cubase crashed, so if you open Cubase again, it would give you some nice ‘recover your last unsaved work ?’ option. Ableton has this kind of function and it saved me lot of work !!!

Cubase’s autosave does that…

No, it does not. I think about a feature that automatically logs any change to your project in some kind of ‘undo log’ and automatically suggests that you can open some recovered work if Cubase has just crashed, without me searching for some automatically created backup file, which sadly doesn’t have my last change of some automation for example, because Cubase crashed just a few seconds BEFORE the next auto-save would have happened.

Oh I see. On file open Live compares a saved undo history to the file’s own internal undo log, and if they don’t match, gives the user a choice on what to do? Sounds good.

Right ! This would really ease any crashes A LOT !