Recovering a song

Hi All,
Hope you are well.
I’m trying to recover a song that crashed in Nuendo 12 (Originally created in Nuendo 11).
Basically when i try to open it it crashes the program.
I opened it in safe mode by choosing the disable 3rd party plug ins mode and managed to export my MIDI data at least.
I’d like to at least get my Guitar Rig 6 preset, but as the plug in is no longer loaded i cannot do this (although it is still in the tracks insert list it is not actually there). It will allow me to right click on it and save the preset, but the preset isnt there when i open a new instance of Guitar Rig.
Is there a way to fix the original song file or at least rescue my guitar preset?
Thanks in advance.

PS Sorry as im seen as a new user i cant upload the screenshots

Maybe worth a try. Create a new Nuendo project and use the import tracks from project feature.

I elevated your forum permissions, you can post pics and links now.

Thanks Przemek. I tried that and when i try to import the track settings it crashes Nuendo the same as when i try to open the song.

Thanks Steve, Here are my screenshots.

@Dee_Faith_Edney if you can upload the crash file itself that could potentially be helpful.

Looks like you should delete the preference files and try again, have you already tried that?

Try importing this project on Nuendo 11

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Hi All.
Dean Lee that worked!!! Thanks. I imported the track and it went in fine.
I now have saved my guitar preset and will redo the song from scratch as i’d only just started it.
Thanks ALl and enjoy the sunshine (if you have it).


Great. The same is true of me before. Nuendo 12.0.3 is relatively stable, but sometimes it hangs. I have returned to Nuendo 11 to work. I can use it when Nuendo 12 is required. Just wait for the next version update. Good luck in your work