Recovering Media Loops and Samples

Hello. I need advice. In the media folder to the right (Located in between VSTi and CR on the righthand side,) somehow, I lost all the media icons for the various “Loops & Samples.” Only one icon appears “EDM ToolBox.”

How do I recover all the files?

I am using Cubase Pro 9.5.50 on windows desktop v.10

Thank you. Frank Grasso. NY

Can you provide a screen shot? Maybe your lost in the navigation only…

Shot 1
I hope this view helps. I think that the actual loop & sample files are still on the drive. You navigation idea makes sense. I don’t know how to get the loops loaded. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Frank

the picture is to small

Thank you for the quick response.

What does the Media Bay find?
Do you use Steinberg Library Manager?

Previously, the media bay offered approximately 10 different options for loops. Such as: EDM (as shown) GA One, GA SE, Rock Pop, Halion, Loopmash, Production Grooves, etc.

What happens when you click on the “Show All Items” button?
Cubase 9 was about 3years ago in use at my place…

I plan to update 9.5 soon. Meanwhile, “search all items” simply lists all loops under the EDM category. All the other categories have disappeared or simply not loading. I must have clicked on something to prevent them loading or somehow they were deleted. However, my system shows the files still on the hard drive.

I tried to re-install 9.5. Still nothing.

try to double click a item on the hard drive… what happens?

You gave me an interesting idea. I went into a previous project. Loops that were extracted from other media categories still work. However, in the same media hub, the same problem remains. only the EDM category appears.

I think that I will purchase the current cubase platform and hopefully that will fix the problem. I greatly appreciate your effort. Frank. NY.

Unlikely as content installation is independent of Cubase installation - upgrading is a good idea on its own though.

Have you tried doing this? If you double-click on a “.vstsound” file it will open the Library Manager and register all the content it finds in the Folder & sub-Folders.