Recovery of unsaved project

Is there any chance of recovering a project that had an added chorus recorded but when closing Cubase Pro 10.5 I didn’t see a prompt to save it. Now when I open the project the newly recorded chorus is not there.

I hope your Cubase is set to store backup project files…
Same name as the project file and a “.bak” as file extension

If you recorded audio data, it is still there, since the files get stored on the disk.

Thanks for the quick reply. There are .bak files but I can’t find one for this project. Do they get stored every time? Or do I have to click on “back up project” before the .bak file is stored on the disk? In the pool under trash there are a lot of tracks that are there but the clips are empty. What’s that about?
Really appreciate your help, Steffen.


.bak files get stored always in a given interval, you can set that interval in the preferences along with the setting how many .bak files to keep

files in the trash from the pool are files created within the project and deleted from the project later.

Thanks. I’m having difficulty describing what I see in the pool. In trash I see a list of events. If they had been deleted I would think they would be gone. Instead, they are all there except for the fact that the spaces where the wave forms would be are blank with three question marks at the beginning.
What do you think?

That’s why you can make screen shots…

Oh right! Here you go.

Screenshot (61).png

I guess the files get deleted outside of Cubase after they where removed from the project
so no chance to get them back…

I don’t understand what “deleted outside of cubase” means.