Rectangular enclosure (box) around a segno?

Hi, is it possible to have a rectangle enclosure around a segno? That option exists for rehearsal marks and I use it, but I also want a box around all my segnos if possible.

Yes, change the Paragraph text style under Library ->Paragraph Styles



This will also affect Codas and Fines.


Thanks, that worked - question - can I save this change as the default?

Yep, click the Save as Default star at the bottom of the paragraph styles list.

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Nice, thank you - the learning continues!

Once I’ve saved as default, can I apply my new default to another song? Like how in Layout Options, I can “Reset to Saved Defaults”?

You would probably need to use the Library Manager function in Dorico to apply the new standards to an existing file.


Thanks, I’ll look into that - seems overwhelming but I’m sure the manual will explain.

That actually should work exactly how you expect: if you’ve updated your own defaults since you last worked on a project, then opening that project, and resetting options in that project “to Saved Defaults” essentially picks up whatever the latest set of defaults are, and applies them to the project.

If you like, you could think of this as “Update to Latest Defaults”: it does the same thing.

Sorry if I was unclear - I was replying to Derrek’s post about using the Library Manager…I don’t see an option to Reset to Defaults within Library/Paragraph Styles…