Recursive folder search for VST3 Plugins

I am new to developing VST3 plugins and made first steps with non-GUI plugins. I’ve copied their vst3 files (not the containing folder!) to the standard folder and they work. Now I’ve tried to copy the whole vst3 folder, but Cubase cannot find them anymore.

From what I have read there should be a recursive folder search, and there are other (3rd party) plugins in subfolders that can be found successfully. So does somebody know how to solve this with own plugins? Because as soon as I start developing plugins with GUI, I need separate resource folders.

I use Windows 7 Prof. SP1, Cubase Pro 8.5.30 and VS2019.

you can use the validator example with the “-list” argument to step thru the code to see why it fails to load your plug-in.


The validator with “-list” argument lists every plugin that’s in the VST3 folder, even the ones that are not loaded by Cubase. As far as I understand the code, the validator steps through the folders and returns every .vst3 file without loading them. Is this correct? If yes, perhaps there is a problem in loading the plugins?

If the validator lists your plugin then you can use the validator to check if it can load your plugin by just calling “validator.exe $PATH_TO_YOUR_PLUGIN”.

Thank you, I did as you said but ‘unfortunately’ the validator can load every plugin without any problems, all tests passed :-/