Red Highlighting?

Why are some of my bars highlighted red? I’ve tried deleting the bar, but the highlighting stays and attaches to the next bar that I didn’t delete. Help!

Welcome to the forum @lindsaygreenemusic ! These are highlights for cue suggestions, marking up places before an entry where that player has been resting for a specified period of time, meaning these might be good bars to put cues into.

More info here:


I learn a lot by coming to this forum and looking through some of the issues people are having. Based on what Lillie pointed to above, I went to the manual and looked at that section. I think (although I haven’t tried it) that if you go to the manual and look at the “Cues panel” (page 418) it will help answer your question about turning off the cues.
Doug :slight_smile:

Doug, the page I linked to is about the “Suggest Cues” section of the manual, looking at that in more detail separately from the description of the panel as a whole. The specific option to hide cue suggestion highlights is outlined on the “Cue suggestions” page.

Also, it’s worth being aware that page numbers in the PDF can change each time the manual is updated, as additional pictures, links, and new topics can all push topics onto other pages than they were on before. Therefore, it’s safest to refer to topic titles as these are much less liable to change.