Red indication that I can't erase/hide ?


sorry for my bad english.

I’m new on Dorico.

I have a problem with a time signature. My score is in C (4/4). At a moment, Dorico, alone, put an other 4/4 in red (q 1+1+1+1). I can’t erase it, can’t hide it. Why ? I don’t know…

And I’m working on wind band. Dorico always put a red banner with the new tonality, but I don’t need this, and I always need to hide it (mute). Is it posible to hide it definitively ?

I join files for the first problem. Thank ou very much.


Try deleting the barline immediately before the red signpost. If you want to hide signposts, you can do that from the View menu.

Oh, thank you very much !

Can you explain me why I had this time signature here ?


You’ve probably manually added a “normal” barline - either by replacing a non-standard (repeat or double or short or tick) barline with a “normal” barline from the panel. Unfortunately a “normal” barline from the panel is still a special manually-added barline, so it shows red time signature to indicate that it’s a non-standard barline. If you place a non-standard barline and then decide you want to delete it, just delete it.

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Oh yes, I remember I do that. I need time to use this software (I was on musescore before) and they are not the same.

Thank you again :wink: !

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