Red Input Channels

What is the point of having the Red Input Channels? We set our preamps to the correct input level. So why have the ability to lower that with a Red Input Channel fader? If it is distorting at the preamp stage, bringing down the red fader won’t make it any less distorted. I believe ProTools doesn’t use separate mixer channels labeled “Input Channels” to monitor the input signal. So doesn’t it seem redundant to have them? Or am I drastically missing something here?

So how do you use the Red channel faders, and in what way? Please explain.

Also, which channels do you enable your CUE SENDS on, the Red Input channels…or the Record Enabled Audio channels? Which makes more sense to send a band member for their headphone mix?

I use the input channels as meters - I don’t use the volume faders on them.

With regards to cuesends, I use them for reference tracks rather than headphone feeds, it means my reference tracks are unaffected by inserts on the master buss and I can easily switch between references and my mix.

Thank you for replying!

My templates use Audio channels who’s only purpose is to monitor the Inputs and that’s what I send to the headphones (and the backing tracks of course). That way you can treat it in ways you wouldn’t in the mix channels - like drenching the singer’s voice in reverb.

While I’ve never used the Input Faders to lower the signal because, as you point out, it is too late by then. But I have not infrequently used the Fader to boost the signal. Also folks might want to use the Fader to lower the signal if they have loaded Inserts on the input channel that introduce gain. So that’s a pretty valid use case.

I use some inserts on my input channels. VU meter, analog ch modeling and even a peak limiter as insurance for a possible hard clip (rare)
But I agree that the actual fader function is redundant.

I use them as input gain meters, as some of my input channels have rather crude input metering. But I’ve never touched a fader, somehting I think only ppl with the UR824 do, as I believe the faders then can control the actual mic preamps (or maybe not, I dont own a UR824…)
And, once recording is done I just hide the input channels.

Thats pretty neat if it can control the UR824 pre-amps.